“domino” is a networking art project; a trip among urban centers of Europe, that put people from different creative fields in an artistic dialogue.

The journey started in May 2015. Art educator Fenia Franz passed through over a dozen European cities, where she met people to that would deliver her insights into their artistic methods, techniques and experiences.

Fenia_ProzessShe took a little art piece, drawing, object, foto or video from each place and person. The following participants were asked to continue the work, for example by adding something, taking things away, translating the work into a different material or language, by only using some aspect of it, or doing the exact opposite. Fenia Franz assisted during that process, provided material from her “toolbox” and documented it.

The basic thought was to enter a dialogue with somebody elses idea. Receiving and passing on knowledge, skills, ideas, views, anything that fits in a brain and a suitcase.

The pieces accompanied Fenia Franz on the way, whether as originals or digital copies. The connections, dialogues and contrasts between the works and the people behind them, are documented in text and images on this website.

Fenia Franz lives and works in Berlin since 2006. She studied “Kunstpädagogik im außerschulischen Bereich” (extracurricular art education) in Leipzig between 2012 and 2016 and since then works in the field of art mediatory in Berlin, mainly in the outer districts with less cultural infrastructure.

The focus of her work is to give people from different social and cultural backgrounds an artistic and practical access to contemporary art and to support their participation in cultural, public life.

Contact: feniafranz@gmail.com