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muha nad rasheed amsterdam

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carolin koss helsinki

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liisa kruusmägi tallinn

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chinese surfer vase

Leaving the old town of Tallinn behind, you’ll find an area, calm and nice, with wooden houses. “I like this one, it looks like the one from the moomins.” Liisa Kruusmägi studied painting and drawing and now works on various

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marta tamaris tarasiuk warsaw

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water and deconstruction

“What I see in this, is water and deconstruction.” Todays “domino” Marta Tamaris Tarasiuk picked me up from the metro-station and guided me to her place. A quiet and sunny spot, close to the city centre of Warsaw. Her apartment is

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philipp render vienna

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Alice about being spontaneous and Jon being it…

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jon campbell berlin

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