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fenia franz berlin/leipzig

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Alice about being spontaneous and Jon being it…

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alice evermore berlin

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white matter

“The words are my colors”. Springtime in Berlin-Kreuzberg. With my toolbox on wheels I felt like a tourist, while searching for Alice Evermores apartment. Before she moved to Berlin she lived in Brussels and New York. “This time I’ll probably

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jon campbell berlin

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no purple paintings!

“Oh, this will become art?” Berlin-Kreuzberg on a sunday. In front of his door I find Jon Campbell, a painter from New York City, that lives in Berlin since 2007. After growing up in Germany, Jon moved to the US with

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how to make a casting mold for plaster…

How to make a casting mold for plaster I asked Hannes Uhlenhaut, a sculptor from Leipzig, to teach me something that I could pass on to another person, for me to figure out how to organize my project. So, first we

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